What can Wayupna Media Do for you?

Here at Wayupna Media we can offer various services to you to help get your business off the ground with an online footprint.

Why do we need to be online you might ask, well in this digital age you can cover more areas with an online website and social media platform allowing you to attract more customers to your brand and business than ever before.


We can help to shape your brand and your vision into a live concept which can be seen on the internet by thousands of possible users of your site.

Social Media

We can help promote and shout about your brand across social media. We have experience of marketing across all platforms.


Website development is a core part of your new business, it is the shop front to your business, more people are using search engines to find what they are after.


We will work with you from the start of your idea all the way to the end and we will not just leave you with the end product we are here to help and offer advice throughout the porcess.